One would think strolling down this crooked dusty path on an inconspicuous island would be paradise. Vibrant green foliage surrounds each side of the uncharted track; the high density of trees control your depth of vision meaning that you can’t see much further than five meters on either side of you. Crunching sounds of my feet hiking along the path constantly get interrupted by the choir of birds singing in the trees. Overhead a brilliant blue sky stretches like as if a sheet was spread on top of the Earth, undisturbed by any clouds. It is a picture that not even an artist could paint. The island would be no bigger than three kilometers in diameter with a beach on the east side, however, the island is mainly dominated by thick forest and its most distinguishing feature is a volcano protruding out of the Earth dominating the skyline. The remnants of my red propeller plane lie in a small clearing in which I emerged from. In order to find a way off this island, I must push forward.

Everlasting, the long trail carries on throughout the foliage. Repetitive as it goes the foliage on either side remains the same with an outline of Redwood trees towering above, barricaded in by a mixture of thick bushes. There almost seems to be a creepy essence to this island, although I can’t put my finger on it. 30 minutes have passed by and my mind starts to wonder where this mysterious path will lead to and how long it will go on for. Overhead the sky still remains as blue as a Sapphire and I can feel the temperature starting to heat up. Rounding another corner I hear something, a rustling in the bushes. Stopping, I scan my surroundings. Looking around. There is an eery silence. “Hello?” I nervously call out? Suddenly I feel a hand on my shoulder. Sharply turning around I look up to this Yellow human like creature. It’s a Tschuma. Already I instantly know what it is from their large frame and bright yellow skin, along with it’s facial features such as its greyish-brown muzzle and pointy nose. Worst of all, they mean trouble. My instincts kick in. Instantaneously I strike its face with my left fist. The Tschuma makes a grunting sound and more reveal themselves from the foliage on either side of the path. I’m surrounded by five of them. “Stay back! Or I’ll punch your lips off!” I shout with my fist raised up in a primal position. One of the monsters gnashes its deathly sharp set of teeth at me, but almost instantly an ear piercing boom blares off, and a bullet hole appears in the monster’s chest. Time pauses, and the wounded creature looks at me. A moment in which seemed to last an eternity, another thundering blast echoes out. The Tschuma’s head evaporates into fragments of red. More gunshot sounds consume my eardrums as the Tschuma’s start to drop one by one with each going down with an ear-piercing screech, and a once hopeless situation turns into hopeful.

Silence. The gunshots have stopped. Where have they come from? Am I safe? Glancing over to my left I see a well built man 15 meters away wearing a fluorescent yellow shirt holding up a pump action shotgun. Looking closer at the man I notice he has black hair, and a trademark like look in which you can’t tell if he’s happy, sad or angry. It’s Nolesy! I’m elated considering I thought he was gone! He mutters something under his breath. “Nolesy!” I shout out to him!

“That’s the name mate don’t wear it out.” he replies in his typical calm manner.

Still not believing out of all people it is him cheerfully I respond “You’re alive! In the papers it said you were missing.”

After exchanging words with one another he told me that he was investigating the island after Tschumas had been reported here, and that his boat is on the beach on the east side of the island. We both came to a mutual agreement to get off the island immediately so we don’t risk getting killed by another mob of the viscous yellow creatures.

Relief floods me knowing that Nolesy has a means of getting off this island, h

Although this island is riddled with the terrors of the night, I knew that this wouldn’t be my last time here.

Concusion 2

After exchanging words with one another he tells me his boat had been damaged in a storm and had washed up on this island 3 days ago. Then he had seen a plane crash, which he then went towards leading us to cross paths. After deciding to head back to

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  1. A great start, Rory. Keep going this week.

  2. Rory, could you complete this draft and e-mail me when you are done? I will make draft comments from there. This piece is due at the end of class on Tuesday next week.


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